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Picture Perfect

Find a photographer you feel comfortable with, who promises to be unobtrusive and can capture the essence of your style. Or choose to have your guests snap away with their digital cameras on your behalf.

Some photographers send their work overseas to be mounted into presentation books. Ask them where they have their albums made. Better still, a more cost effective option is to have them send you the images and compile your own digital wedding album or arrange the photos in a beautiful handmade book.

By using digital technology to capture your wedding day you will avoid the use of the damaging chemicals employed in the development of conventional photographs.

Avoid those single use cameras that have become de rigeur at weddings and represent tremendous waste. Instead, why not ask your guests to send a disc of their own photos of your wedding and compile an album of candid shots in the reportage style so loved by contemporary wedding photographers. Save postage and discs - get them posted to you on line.

While using a videographer could be considered an extra expense, its worth remembering that its a perfect way to capture the essence of the day and if you use a local professional there is little impact on the environment. Filming is all done using state of the art digital technology with next to no waste. You'll have a momento of all the little details in sight and sound that you may have missed in the mad whirl of the day.

See Partners for talented, sensitive and creative photographers with a conscience.


Wedding planning can be a daunting prospect, but it needn't be. Just take a deep breath and rummage through our pages of information, advice and useful tips for throwing an eco friendly wedding. We'll take you through the planning process from start to finish. Have a wonderful journey!


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