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Wedding Lists & Gifts

While you may not feel comfortable with the idea of registering with a wedding list service, your guests will want to give you something to mark your wedding and which they know you will love and treasure. So giving them some idea of what you would like reduces the angst of finding a gift that counts.

But there is a way of personalising the gift list idea.

You could commission a craftsman to make a beautiful bed or table for your new home out of local timber. It will last a lifetime. A potter could make you a set of plates and bowls that you will treasure or an artist might paint your portrait. These will all become family heirlooms. As long as your guests know what it's for they will be content to give money towards the commission. (Take a photo of the piece, or the artist you have chosen, to accompany your invitations.)

What if you're the couple who already has everything?

Then you could choose to ask guests to donate to a charity of your choice on your behalf or register with one of the new and popular charity gift list services.

You could also ask your guests to contribute to part of your wedding expenses.  For instance the lovely people at PapaKåta now offer a Gift List which enables your wedding guests to give you a gift that will last a lifetime by contributing to your special day - the gifted total will be deducted from your tent booking’s final balance, - what better way to remember your special day!

If you want to thank those who have helped and supported you through those endless months of planning and carried you through the big day, take them all out for a really good meal. Even better, cook them a delicious dinner of local produce, parcel up a pamper pack of gorgeous organic skin care products, or buy an acre of rainforest on their behalf.

Our partner pages are full of ethical wedding lists and creative gift ideas.



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