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Wedding Entertainment

Music brings people together. It's a wonderful way to set the ambience of your wedding and the key to getting your celebrations going. Its the soul of joy, provides a pool of happiness for your guests to dive into and helps to break the ice. If you get it right, your guests will laugh and smile, dance and enjoy each other's company. 

Ceremony music will depend a little on whether you're having a religious or civil ceremony. 

If you're marrying in church talk to the organist, who will play your favourite music as long as you give them enough time to practise the piece. And don't forget to make the most of bellringers and choirs. Consider asking a friend to play or sing during the signing of the register.

When we got married we asked David's three little nieces and another special young friend to sing 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' at our church wedding, but forgot to make sure they all practised to the same tune!  It was still a magic moment.

If you're having a civil wedding ceremony there will be an opportunity to personalise it with your own choice of music, as long as its not religious. Ask a friend to play for you or record a disc of your chosen tunes.

For the reception you will want to choose music in keeping with the overall style of the day.

The choice is endless, but live and unplugged is, of course, the greenest choice. Find talented local musicians who don't have to travel far and ask them to share transport if at all possible. Jazz or ceilidh bands are always popular with the broad age group usually attending a wedding but if live isn't an option consider mixing your own CDs on iTunes and put a friend in charge of the music on the night.  If you do opt for plugged in music there are ways to still save of power - our fabulous friends at Reaction Bike Power have a great set up where you wedding guests can actually power the music!

Other entertainment might be required if you're having lots of children.

How about a treasure hunt to keep them happy or hire an ice cream tricycle to dish the desert. And for the grown ups, magicians and impersonators are popular, or singers masquarading as waiters. If you have an auctioneer friend ask him or her to auction off your flowers after dinner and donate the proceeds to your favourite charity.

Fireworks are a popular way to end a wedding day, but no matter how much we like them, they cannot possibly be considered for an eco friendly celebration. There is an eco alternative in chinese flying lanterns. They're completely silent and create a totally magical end to a beautiful day. And they don't cost the earth!

Check out our partners for more music and entertainment in your area.


Wedding planning can be a daunting prospect, but it needn't be. Just take a deep breath and rummage through our pages of information, advice and useful tips for throwing an eco friendly wedding. We'll take you through the planning process from start to finish. Have a wonderful journey!


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