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Got a beautful wedding or product shoot to share with Green Union's couples?

Green Union's couples are always searching for inspiration and ideas and love to see how other couples 'did it'.  And of course I love to feature quirky and interesting weddings captured with innovative, artistic and fresh photography.  I'm always on the look out for weddings filled with personality and unique details.

I invite you, the photographers, industry suppliers and newlywed brides to submit your lovely work and beautiful weddings. 

Our readers love artistic and natural light photography, and images that capture the highly charged emotions of the day while also capturing all the little details that go to creating that very unique event.  More than anything, I love sharing images that tell a story and appeal to the imagination of Green Union's visitors.  So go ahead and submit away, but first, please read the guidelines below in order to make your submission as easy as possible both for you and for me!

Step One

Please submit, via email, up to 10 low res. images as a straight-forward email attachment to info[at]greenunion[dot]co[dot]uk, along with a short paragraph, or some bullet points about the event, so that I can get a feel for the occasion e.g., names, date, location and the overall feel of the event.  If the suppliers are already listed on Green Union it would be great, at this stage, to know of them.  

It's important to only send low res. images via email attachment, or give me a link to your own blog. Please do not send high res/large images or zip files, as they may clog up my mailbox.  Following these simple instructions will ensure a much quicker response on my part.  

Step Two

I will try to send you feedback within 3 working days regardless of whether your submission has been accepted or not. If you don’t hear from me, please feel free to drop me a line just in case your email was misdirected to my junk box - a rare event but it can happen. If your submission is accepted, I will send further instructions by email on how to get your full submission over to me.

Submissions could take up to 8 weeks to be published on Green Union, but usually they get there a whole lot quicker.  I will let you know when to expect publication so you can look out for it and spread the word!  Although I prefer to accept content that has been produced by professional photographers I'm very happy to consider submissions that are just beautiful and evocative.  Images must contain no visible watermark, or borders.

Personally, I'm not particularly concerned about whether your story has featured elsewhere as Green Union's audience is highly targeted and many of our readers don't look at other blogs and websites.



Having your work featured on Green Union, a highly recognised and well established green wedding brand, makes you eligible to display our Green Union Loves button (which I will supply you with) on your own website.

If you're not sure how it works, or just fancy having a chat about your project or idea then please feel free to email info[at]greenunion[dot]co[dot]uk or phone me on 07932 156921.


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