Honeymoon in the UK

Now here's a dilemma. You may find it hard to imagine going on honeymoon without catching a plane. But don't feel you have to go thousands of miles to find the ideal spot to chill out, catch up on some sleep and revisit the joys of the last few days

Couple on Honeymoon

There are a lot of things to consider before choosing a destination, but with a few simple steps you can reduce the impact of your honeymoon in both environmental and social terms.

The honeymoon with the least impact by far is to stay in our own green and pleasant land. Explore new regions and travel to your destination by train or hire a hybrid car. Once there, travel around by bike, local transport or walk. Boost the local economy, keep away from chain hotels and stay in family run B&Bs or small hotels.

Camping is really trendy and if you don't want to slum it you can stay in luxury teepees or yurts. Organic Holidays offers loads of wonderfully quirky and unique places to stay in the UK.

If you need to hire a car, find a hire company that has hybrids in its fleet.

The UK and Ireland offers diverse landscapes, thousands of miles of coastline and glorious countryside to indulge in but if you want to go further afield try and travel there by train. The journey becomes part of the honeymoon and by avoiding air travel you also bypass the stress of airport departures especially at peak season.

If you do decide to fly somewhere, stay as long as possible and neutralise your air miles by buying credits from a carbon offset company. Avoid travelling with a multi-national operator or staying in western-owned all-inclusive resorts, particularly in the developing world. Rather consider the many eco-travel options available to you and make positive choices by carefully considering the impact you may have on the places you travel to (check out our eco-tourism article below, too!).

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