Healthy Hair

This applies to brides and grooms equally. With a well balanced, healthy diet and plenty of exercise, your hair will have a natural shine. And get it into peak condition by having it trimmed regularly - about every six weeks, less for really short hair.

Unfussy bridal hair style

If you're planning to grow your hair for the wedding, it will still need trimming regularly to avoid split ends and keep it in tip top condition.

If you want to colour your hair, don't be tempted to do it at home. Find a professional who uses natural hair colours. If you've never had it coloured before, try it out at least three months before the wedding, and if you don't like it there will be time for your natural colour to return.

Whether you decide to do your hair yourself or have a friend do it for you, or if you're using a hairdresser, its important to have a trial run sometime before the wedding day. Experiment with your style and any accessories like a veil or flowers to make sure you're comfortable with the outcome.

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