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It's a well known fact that every couple looks radiant on their wedding day, and the best way to ensure an all natural radiance is to take care of your health and well being in the run up to the wedding.

Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water and reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeine. Take plenty of exercise like walking or swimming, preferably in the fresh air, and get lots of sleep. This will help keep your body, skin and hair in tip top condition.

Keep to your regular beauty regime, don't change anything if it already works for you.

Green Union's own expert flower essence practitioner, Diana Heyer says:

"Good health and radiant beauty is much more than just skin deep and we believe a holistic approach to health and marriage reaps the greatest rewards.

In the run up to your wedding, your choices in terms of nutrition, skincare, exercise and lifestyle will reflect not only how you appear on your big day but also how you feel and cope with that roller coaster of emotions.

Uplifting flower essences, in particular, are a valuable and dynamic tool in helping to focus your emotions and to develop your full potential. Their effects are wide ranging, life affirming and changing. Use them to inspire, support and empower you during this major rite of passage where they will help you maintain your health and combat pre-wedding stress."

Yoga is perfect for toning the body and achieving inner peace. It's fast becoming every bride's stress-buster of choice. It'll help keep you in mental shape, calms nerves and gives you strength of body and mind plus stamina for your wedding day. A good yoga centre will advise you on which style of yoga would best suit your personality. Allow yourself at least 10 sessions or so before the wedding to get any benefit from it.

A few weeks before the wedding, take a break. Go somewhere peaceful and relaxing. Spend a few precious days in each other's company, eat good food, take long walks and ban all wedding talk. You'll get back refreshed, energised and ready for the final whirl.

A day or two before the wedding you might like to chill out at a spa with your girl friends, or take your mother for a well earned treat. Enjoy an aromatherapy facial, have a massage and give your hands, nails and feet a pamper session.

For natural remedies, preparations, services and products see what our partners have to offer.

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