Wedding Food and Drink

Good food is an act of generosity and the centrepiece of any celebration. 

Eco Friendly Wedding Cake and Catering Ideas

Base your wedding feast on seasonal, local and organic ingredients. Local and organic food and drink is possibly the easiest element to organise for your green wedding if you find a caring caterer whose menus change in colour and taste with the seasons. They will prepare your food with seasonal ingredients which come from the local area, grown with care and dedication by local farmers and food producers - try not to add food miles to your menu.

If you are having your food prepared by the venue's kitchen then ask the chef where he or she sources their ingredients and if they don't know, get them to find out. If nothing else it will get them thinking about their sourcing policies and may even encourage them to make changes to their operation in favour of the local community.

Buy wine direct from your local vineyard if there is one in your area, or go to a vintner who sources organic, biodynamic and European wines. For beer, you can find wonderful local breweries and micro-breweries around the country who are producing beers unique to their own areas.

There is also a great range of ciders, liquors, spirits, fortified wines and soft drinks made from UK grown produce like apples, pears, berries and flowers should you need them.

After the party, arrange for all your edible leftovers to be delivered to a homeless refuge or other well deserving organisation or charity - that's a good deed indeed (but be sure they will be happy to accept your generous offer before sending it).

Ask your caterer or venue kitchen how they dispose of their rubbish and encourage a bit of lateral thinking regarding their recycling policies. In the parts of the UK, local councils are still making it very hard and uneconomical for businesses to put good recycling practices in place. If the businesses are encouraged by the public to be active about these issues then some great changes could be implemented for the benefit and health of the whole community.

Check out our partners for creative caterers and delicious drinks.

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