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Until this modern era of conspicuous consumption, wedding flowers came from the garden. Commercial flowers are now airlifted in from around the world, contributing to air-pollution, whilst vast amounts of pesticides are used in their cultivation.

Get back to seasonally stylish flowers grown at home, pursuade a local grower to raise flowers for you or pick flowers from friends' gardens. We regularly post seasonally inspired floral information on our news pages, so visit us often for new inspiration, or sign up to our newsletter and receive regular bulletins.

If you decide to employ a florist, here are some things to consider:

Floristry produces a lot of waste so try and find a local florist who recycles everything they use from the flowers and foliage to the packaging it comes in. If they don't, then encourage them to do so.

Ask your florist to source locally raised flowers, herbs and foliage to create naturally scented displays. Keep your choice of flowers seasonal so if you dream of roses, set a summer date but if berries and leaves are more your thing, autumn is the time. While twigs, evergreens and fruits can transform a cosy winter venue.

If cut flowers appear to be a wanton waste you could choose growing plants in pretty or sculptural containers - give them away as gifts at the end of the celebrations or auction them off for charity, entertaining your guests in the process.

As for confetti, look for biodegradable flower petals grown in the UK or give your guests packets of seeds to throw. The birds'll love you and some may even grow for the benefit of other couples using the venue at a later date.

Find a florist or flower grower near you in our partner pages.

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