Sarah London

Sarah London

Brighton, Sussex, BN3 3DG Based in: South East
Based: South East

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Creative Documentary Photography 


Wedding, Engagement, Family, Pregnancy, Event and Corporate Photography

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Weddings, Pre-wedding (free), Engagement, Families, Pregnancy, Events and Corporate  

Areas covered:

Based in Brighton but happy to travel anywhere your heart desires - THE WHOLE WORLD! 




Snap Festival 

Things you love:

Growing fruit and veg, gardening, cooking and walking in the hills or by a river makes me so happy. I love my old film cameras, hot chocolate, anything wooden, indian food, travelling, the smell of real fires and cut grass and the sound of the guitar. I love a good dance to music that just takes me away - I sound like an old hippie don't I? I think I might have been in my past life, hehehe!    


How Green is your Supplier?


How Green is your Supplier?

So we've put together a ten point criteria, the Green Gauge, that we ask all our partners, your wedding suppliers, to comply with for your peace of mind. The wedding industry covers a broad activity base and you will have your own benchmark of how 'green' you want your suppliers to be. We happily accept wedding suppliers who are trying their best and can check 4 or more criteria on our Green Gauge.

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Quirky & Creative Wedding Photography

Me & You

Hello! I'm sarah and yes my actual surname is London - I live in Brighton (not London) but very happy to travel. I am lucky enough to be a full time photographer with many years experience.

I take a very documentary approach to my coverage and my style is simple, artistic, real and sometimes quirky. I love the moments 'in between', the funny faces and the crazy dancing. I simply go with the flow of the day - there will be no stressing from me about setting up shots - that's not how I work.

I'll get involved, keep you calm, laugh with your guests, cry at the speeches, dance at the reception and by the end of the day my face will ache as much as yours. I'll sew things, pin things, cut things, find things, move things, deliver things - I won't be JUST 'The Photographer'.  

I very much look forward to hearing about your day and maybe even getting involved!

My Eco Credentials

I like to use the term ‘Eco conscious’ to describe my position on such issues. I am not militant and I do not preach (well only to my boyfriend!) but I am aware of how we live and how we impact the world around us. I use chemical free products in my personal life wherever possible. 

I recycle and re use where space and service’s allow. I email invoices and other documents and print as little as possible. Where I do print I use recycled papers. My business cards and other business products are either recycled or from eco conscious and fair trade companies and more often than not all apply! 

I offer products that are made from recycled/salvaged materials, use chemical free inks, dyes and processes and from companies who adhere to eco policies or are locally brought and made. The packaging I use is again recycled and re used where possible and available.

"Oh Sarah London you are quite simply heaven sent!  Our little parcel of joy was just that, thank-you so very much. The package is just perfect and wrapped with so much love that I squealed when it arrived. When your wedding photographer sends you artisan chocolates you know you picked well!

I can't stop gushing about our little box of joy, even the USB stick is the most beautiful thing I've seen (and I hate technology).  Then the photos ...

Picking you as our photographer was definitely the best decision we made. In the beginning we weren't fussed about even having one which, in hindsight, was madness. I guess we thought a 'wedding photographer' would make it seem a bit too formal and wedding-like, but it was a pleasure having you there all day, quite simply as a guest. And at least now we can look back on the days when we were young, slim and annoying with great fondness! The photos are so relaxed and chic and everyone just seems to be smiling or laughing. Oh, and the surprise videos made us chuckle.

Did I mention we love the photos? And that we are your biggest fans? And that we think you are the most talented photographer around? Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!”