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Alternative Wedding photography


Creative, Artistic, Reportage

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Wedding photography

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The whole of the UK and Worldwide


I also offer 1 on 1 mentoring for upcoming wedding photographers

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Photography, music, my family, mountains and crowd surfing



How Green is your Supplier?


How Green is your Supplier?

So we've put together a ten point criteria, the Green Gauge, that we ask all our partners, your wedding suppliers, to comply with for your peace of mind. The wedding industry covers a broad activity base and you will have your own benchmark of how 'green' you want your suppliers to be. We happily accept wedding suppliers who are trying their best and can check 4 or more criteria on our Green Gauge.

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Matt Parry - Alternative Wedding Photographer

Welcome to what I hope is my alternative to the traditional, the cheesy, the cliched, the often expected side of wedding photography.  I like to think there is another way - in fact I KNOW there is another way.

When I tell people I am a wedding photographer they give me a look, a presumptuous look, a look that indicates they think I am just another bossy photographer who forces brides and grooms to look camera happy on ornamental bridges and insists on the groomsmen being all crazy and picking up the bride. Somebody who provides staged head shots of your guests that contain all the humour and creativity of a LinkedIn profile pic.

But little do they know!

Working with me is simple. You plan your biggest day your way. Spray your hearts, souls and personalities all over it.  And then - ENJOY IT! Seriously enjoy every single minute. You’ve dreamed it, you’ve planned it so bloody well ENJOY IT!  I sense I am being bossy - but hopefully you get my drift ...  And whilst you enjoy it, let me enjoy it too and trust me to capture everything that makes your day special!

Not tonnes of family groups shots - maybe just 5 or 6 in 15 to 20 minutes.  Not hours of forced posing, and certainly no ornamental bridges - whilst your guests are drinking their coffee and the light is beautiful we can sneak off for 25 minutes and use some slightly less obvious parts of the venue or streets that surround it.

The rest we make up as we go along and let it all unfold, capturing it all as it happens The unexpected, the craziness, the who knows what!  That’s what makes it interesting and hopefully if you like what you see ... then you agree?

"I cannot tell you how happy these photos make me: you have perfectly captured the excitement, the nerves, the big over-the-precipice feelings, and all the humour, silliness and exhilaration of the day. I am so thrilled with how each picture looks and I had the comfort of knowing all along that your photos would be one of the most exciting parts of the whole experience. Still you managed to surprise with me how atmospheric, full-of-character and just stunning they are. You were great to have around on the day and you’ve captured so many important moments for us and our guests. THANK YOU. So much. This is really something special "