Lisa Rothwell-Young

Lisa Rothwell-Young

Studio 51, Ashleybank House, High St, Langholm, Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway, DG13 0AN Based in: Scotland
Based: Scotland

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At a Glance

Types of Jewellery: All jewellery

Style: Contemporary Fine Jewellery

Materials: Exclusively Fairmined and recycled precious metals (silver, gold and platinum)

Origin of Materials: I work exclusively with ethically sourced, traceable gemstones (usually from Sri Lanka, but also from Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, the US and Australia) and diamonds (from Canada). I also offer a choice of laboratory-created and recycled diamonds.

Conflict-Free?: Yes, my stones are all guaranteed conflict-free, as are Fairmined metals.

Method of Production: My preference is for handmade but it depends on the customer and what's most appropriate for the piece.  

Bespoke: Yes, a large proportion of my work is bespoke, including re-modelling (I can reuse stones and metal from old heirloom pieces).

Online Sales: Yes I have a webshop at

Eco/Ethical Ethos (personal and professional): It’s important to me to do business in a way which is respectful of both my customers and the world in which we live. I aim to give you the information you need to make informed choices that reflect your own personal ethics.  I welcome questions and will always do my best to be open and honest about the metals, stones and processes involved in the making of your jewellery. My jewellery does not exploit people or animals and seeks to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

In my personal life, I try and do the same. I buy only what I need, we recycle and reuse where we can. Our home is low energy and sustainable, we grow some of our own food and are vegan.

Vegan-Friendly?: Yes, I have been vegan for nearly 20 years.  No animal products are used in the making of my jewellery (e.g. polishes, tools etc) and my packaging contains no animal ingredients (e.g. glues).


How Green is your Supplier?


How Green is your Supplier?

So we've put together a ten point criteria, the Green Gauge, that we ask all our partners, your wedding suppliers, to comply with for your peace of mind. The wedding industry covers a broad activity base and you will have your own benchmark of how 'green' you want your suppliers to be. We happily accept wedding suppliers who are trying their best and can check 4 or more criteria on our Green Gauge.

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Vegan Friendly Supplier

Thinking of popping the question? Are you looking for ethical and eco-friendly wedding and engagement rings? You’ve come to the right place!

I specialise in ethical and eco-friendly fine jewellery. Your rings will be made from Fairmined gold or recycled platinum, along with fairly traded coloured gemstones, natural traceable Canadian diamonds, laboratory-created diamonds or recycled antique diamonds.

Fairmined gold and fairly traded coloured gemstones support artisan miners in countries like Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Columbia. The miners work under safe conditions, are fairly paid, there’s no child labour and the profits don’t fund wars or political unrest. The type of mining carried out in Sri Lanka and Tanzania is on a small scale, is more sustainable and causes less environmental damage.

Gemstones such as sapphires and rubies are a great choice for an engagement ring, being 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Only diamonds are harder.

My coloured gemstones, Canadian diamonds and laboratory diamonds are guaranteed conflict free – arrange a visit to the workshop to come and choose a gemstone or diamond for your ring.

Recycled metals, lab-created and recycled diamonds minimise environmental impact as no new mining needs to take place to make your jewellery. I’m more than happy to chat through the options so that you can make an informed decision about what best suits your own personal ethos.

Antique diamonds are sourced to order and prices vary depending on cut, colour and what’s available. If you’d like an antique diamond in your engagement ring, please let me know your preferred ring style and I’ll be in touch to chat over the options.

You can choose from my existing designs or use them as a starting point for something bespoke.  Let me work with you to create something from scratch that’s meaningful to you and your partner; there’s more info here. 

I can also remodel your old heirloom jewellery, whether you’d like to re-use a gemstone or diamond, or you’d like to make the entire ring into a new piece.

'Shaped to fit' wedding rings can also be made to fit and enhance your engagement ring.

Always vegan and cruelty-free – including my packaging!

For a friendly chat, get in touch to make an appointment to talk by phone or a visit to the workshop.


“Absolutely over the moon with the engagement ring Lisa made me. My fiancee loves it so much. The service is second to none and we will be back for the wedding bands. Thanks, Lisa” - Kyle


"A huge thank you for making my new engagement ring. Straight away it looked just right sitting beside my wedding band. I love the warm rose gold and how the rounded profiles reflect the light. The textures on the ring make it really special and show off the sparkling diamond beautifully." - Diane and Jeremy

"Our wedding rings are unique and personal to us made by Lisa Rothwell-Young. She spent time with us coaxing out from us what is important to us in life and based a design on our musings. We love the rings and feel they are very special. Thank you so much, Lisa." - Lesley & Lynda

“I don’t know how to begin to thank you for my beautiful engagement ring!  I love it so much, it reflects my personality and I think it’s absolutely amazing!!” - Jill

I absolutely adore my ring. Your design is stunning and although I’ve only been wearing it for a day and a half,  I have already had numerous compliments!   I’m really enjoying wearing my ring and can’t believe it’s turned out so gorgeous. Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of Jewellery for me and also for such a lovely experience." - Lynn