St Albans, Hertfordshire, Based in: East of England
Based: East of England

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Services Offered: online retail sales and unique ethical gift list registry service

Product Types: artisan homewares and gifts

Company Overview: Aerende is an online shop selling beautiful products and gifts for your home, all of them made in the UK by people facing social challenges. You can think of it is a special place to find a range of carefully crafted products from around the British Isles, created by makers who struggle to access or maintain conventional employment. 

The word Aerende means ‘care’ in Olde English – it was chosen to reflect our commitment to heritage skills and British-made items, as well as to our considerate business practices and interesting in slow living. We believe in the power of consumers to affect social change and we’re delighted to welcome you to our small part of this movement.



How Green is your Supplier?


How Green is your Supplier?

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Our new registry service breathes life into traditional gift lists, allowing people to give more thoughtfully

Awarding-winning homeware store Aerende offers a unique selection of products that are both beautiful and socially conscious. Now with the launch of its gift list service, your whole home can be in the signature Aerende style when you choose items for your wedding. The carefully curated shop will delight guests, as gift-givers can now pick from a wide range of sustainable products, safe in the knowledge that all items are handmade in the UK. 

Aerende is a non-profit organisation selling beautiful products for the home, all of them made by people facing social challenges. Pottery shaped by adults with learning disabilities, brass dishes crafted in London by people recovering from mental health illnesses and textiles made by women in prison are just a few of the maker’s stories. Tackling the lack of opportunities available to these makers, the growing range includes 80 products from 17 charities and social/community groups, all made in the UK by people who struggle to access or maintain conventional employment.

With a passion for craft and design, Emily Mathieson founded Aerende in 2016 when she began to question the lack of high-quality options in the ethical interiors sector. She is dedicated to proving that shopping thoughtfully doesn’t mean having to forego service or style. Aerende is inclusive and innovative and creates homewares to be cherished for a lifetime. Our products are totally unique, in their creation, in their sustainability and in the stories behind them.

Weddings can be wasteful events, with the average UK wedding throwing away 10% of food served and generating approximately 18 kg of plastic waste. Research has shown that 73% of millennials now say they are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, and as they begin to enter into the wedding market, two fifths of couples report that they considered sustainability as they planned their big day.

A gift list from Aerende is a unique opportunity to improve the impact of your event. The simple online service allows you to personalise your list and shipping is free to customers in London and the southeast. An award-winning social enterprise, Aerende’s gift list service has been made possible thanks to a grant from Big Issue Invest.

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