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Deborah Schenck Photography




Specialisation: Wedding Photography with an artistic flair. My background is in styling and lifestyle photography so my images have a unique attention to detail and are not always traditional.


Services Available: Weddings, Destination Weddings, Engagement Shoots.


Areas covered: South Devon but happy to travel.


Videography: Yes, in process of setting up with a friend.


Things you love: Elegance and timeless style. Waiting for that exact moment when the lighting is perfect. My aim is to make every bride shine and to capture the couples unique relationship and connection.



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You are the star so we will do everything to make this part of your day absolutely perfect and tailor-made just for you.


I am first and foremost a photographer and I have photographed people and interiors all over the World.

I see style where others see chaos and my eye is a finely tuned lense looking for angles, light and depth. 

Because of my background I do focus on the detail, and my photography may be more Vogue than Brides Magazine, but can I remind you, YOU are the star so we will do every thing to make this part of your day absolutely perfect and tailor-made to your needs.

We have a fixed rate of £2000 for the day and if you want to call me we can have a chat or a meeting to discuss what your day will look like.


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