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Svendsen Jewellery

Ashburton, Devon, Devon, Based in: South West
Based: South West

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At a Glance

Type of Jewellery: Bespoke jewellery,  rings, ethical wedding rings, ethical diamond rings, ethical engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and gifts

Materials: Fairtrade gold; recycled gold; Ecosilver; ethically sourced, conflict free gemstones and diamonds

Origin of Materials: Ethically sourced from around the world

Method of Production: Handcrafted, using traditional jewellery techniques in our Bristol workshop

Bespoke: Yes

Online Sales: Yes

Source: Ethically sourced across the globe

Conflict Free: Yes

Fairtrade: Yes


How Green is your Supplier?


How Green is your Supplier?

So we've put together a ten point criteria, the Green Gauge, that we ask all our partners, your wedding suppliers, to comply with for your peace of mind. The wedding industry covers a broad activity base and you will have your own benchmark of how 'green' you want your suppliers to be. We happily accept wedding suppliers who are trying their best and can check 4 or more criteria on our Green Gauge.

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Wedding Jewellery with Scandinavian Chic

Svendsen Jewellery works with you to create ethically-minded wedding rings that marry a Scandinavian ethos with your unique wants, needs, and ideas.

Stine Ingvoldstad Svendsen, the designer behind Svendsen Jewellery, grew up in Norway and spent her childhood exploring the dramatic landscapes the country is famous for - deep forests, snow-covered mountains and serene fjords.

These memories act as inspiration for the designs of Svendsen Jewellery.

The result is jewellery that lives and breathes minimalism. And this means minimalism not only in design, but also as a way of living. Svendsen Jewellery strongly believes that we all need to do our part to minimize our impact on the natural world.

With that in mind, our bespoke service is as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible. All Svendsen Jewellery is made using either Ecosilver or 18kt recycled/Fairtrade Gold. And we work with our clients to choose gemstones that come from ethical sources.

What to expect when working with Svendsen Jewellery

With Svendsen Jewellery your bespoke journey begins with a consultation to discuss your initial inspiration and design ideas.

Once we've established an initial design direction and proposed budget, we'll sketch out a series of design ideas that are unique to you. When you're happy with the sketches, we'll then prepare a series of detailed drawings.

Once the design has been finalised we'll provide you with a quote for your bespoke jewellery, before handcrafting it in our Bristol workshop.

Remember this ... Bespoke jewellery isn't just about the final piece - it's about the journey.