Bright Yuletide Blessings

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Bright Yuletide Blessings

First Snow by Luna North

let it snow ...

mistletoe, yew and holly

wren and robin

frosty twinkles

candlelit nights ...

feasting with friends and family ...

winter solstice

birth of the sun

celebrating loved ones

short wild days, long dark nights by the flickering fireside

hibernating and healing

the light returns

dreaming seeds waiting …

the wheel turns again

new growth and green life begins

drifting inner worlds, quiet evenings and story telling ...

a quiet stillness ...

Wishing you all warm Yuletide Blessings, Happy Christmas and a Joyful 2018 from us all here at GUHQ x

This wonderful lino print of First Snow over Exmoor in North Devon is by my lovely friend Luna North. You can buy her work here and follow her on Instagram.

Published: 21-12-2017

Published By: Rosie Ames


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