SUPPLIER FOCUS: Natural, Organic, Biodynamic Wedding Wine in a Bag or Box | More Wine

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SUPPLIER FOCUS: Natural, Organic, Biodynamic Wedding Wine in a Bag or Box | More Wine


Are you a wine SNOB?

No not THAT sort of a snob … but someone who insists on Sustainable, Natural, Organic and Biodaynamic wine for their naturally green wedding!

If you are (a SNOB I mean) then I’ve got the perfect vinter to introduce to you today …

More Wine

The lovely people at More Wine are only interested in supplying you with wines which, at the very least, show a low-intervention approach to grape growing and wine making.  They prefer to buy wines from producers who adhere to following criteria:

Irrigation has not been used to grow the grapes; the use of man-made chemicals is dispensed with entirely, or kept to the bare minimum; grapes are almost entirely hand picked; only natural / wild yeasts are used to start fermentation and the use of sulphites to stabilise the wine is minimised.

Added to the fine provenance of the wines, More Wine have dispensed with heavy glass bottles and supply their very delicious wines in Bag-in-Box, pouches and Fizz in tins!  They also also supply wooden dispensing taps to deliver wine on tap to your wedding guests, plus reusable, refillable, personalised Costolata bottles. 

It’s bound to catch on. 

The wine’s fresh and sustainable (you significantly reduce your carbon footprint by buying wine in bulk) and above all, it’s fun!

More Wine can deliver their eco friendly low intervention wine to your door or your wedding venue so get in touch and have a chat with Rich about his passion or go to the website for more information on the wines!

Published: 25-03-2017

Published By: Rosie Ames


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