Are you Planning a Valentine's Proposal?

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Are you Planning a Valentine's Proposal?


Shakti Ellenwood's earthly, organic wedding and engagement rings are lovingly hand made in Somerset from Fairtrade gold and ethical gems, and to celebrate her joining Green Union's wedding directory she's offering all you lovely people an exclusive 10% off until the end of March, 2017 - so that's got Valentine's Day covered!

Shakti works a lot with ethically sourced rustic diamonds so, knowing that there's a trend for these stones, I thought it was time to ask an expert what was so unique about them.  This is what I discovered ...

These stunning gems have heavy inclusions (loads of veins that look a bit like cracks) in them and are perfect in their imperfections. The imperfection give the stones a sort of cloudy, smoky effect touched with streaks of contrasting colour and there’s a warm, sparkly glow that emanates from them. They come in all types of quality and colours from a dense muddy brown to almost crystal clear but with swirls of colour through them.

Because of their very nature, every rustic diamond is perfectly unique with an organic, earthly look about it - understated but glamorous all at the same time.

I think I find these rustic diamonds so beautiful because they are usually rose cut, a technique that dates back to the 16th century.  The cut stones have a flat bottom and a crown which is made up of tiny trianglular facets which imitate the petals of a rose and appear antique.

When Shakti was telling me about her work she mentioned that, although she can list celebrities as clients, it's the ordinary folk she is most proud of, who take the risk of buying a unique ring from her for their intended hoping they will say yes. 

So be bold and go out of your way, buy a uniquely different Shakti Ellenwood engagement ring and propose to your beloved on Valentine's Day! 

Quote GREEN UNION on making an enquiry to take advantage of Shakti’s exclusive 10% off which lasts until the end of March, 2017.

Go to Shakti’s website if you would like to find out more about her work or to make an enquiry.

Shakti Ellenwood is one of Green Union's line up of fabulous handpicked ethical jewellers - if her work doesn't quite hit the mark you can find more jewellers with their own unique designs in our wedding directory and some are also offering exclusive discounts to Green Union readers for a limited time - more over on the blog.

Published: 03-02-2017

Published By: Rosie Ames


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