BRITISH FLOWERS WEEK | Lonely Bouquets | Find one near you ...

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BRITISH FLOWERS WEEK | Lonely Bouquets | Find one near you ...


Day two and we're celebrating the fabulous British seasonal flowers that we've come to love choosing for our green weddings.  This annual event celebrates locally grown seasonal 'wild' flowers and foliage and highlights just how gorgeous they are!  There's lots going on this week and many flower farmers and florists are really pushing the boat out ...

This lovely crate of jam jars brimming with 'wild' flowers from Organic Blooms says it all - seasonal, organic, home grown, hand picked, no air miles, no nasties, just good old fashioned garden looms.  Organic Blooms is leaving 30 lonely bouquets around the place to celebrate - did you find one?

I'm posting an image every day this week to celebrate - so please dip in, or check my social platforms, and adore some lovely beauties!

For more about British Flowers Week check out the official website.

Published: 14-06-2016

Published By: Rosie Ames


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