WEDDING PLANNING: Our roundup of stuff to look out for when planning your special day

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WEDDING PLANNING: Our roundup of stuff to look out for when planning your special day

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Okay, so the lovely Claire, GU's wedding planning guru's got one last thing to say about planning your special day before getting on to some fun stuff starting next month. I let her talk about all the less glamorous stuff after all!

I know it’s terribly boring to keep banging on about the potential pitfalls in your wedding plans, but bear with me.  Here’s one last summary of things you should look out for then we can move on to the fun bits, I promise…

In fact the main things to think about getting right aren’t hidden or secret, they are pretty much the mundane things of daily life.  Just because it’s your big day doesn’t mean people won’t still get hungry and thirsty, bored and frustrated.  

I always think a great way to iron out the wrinkles is to take a walk through your whole wedding day in your head and imagine you’re a wedding guest, or a supplier.

Keep your guests happily occupied

Through the course of any wedding day there are times when the bride and groom are busy with things like greeting guests or having pictures taken leaving most of the guests with a bit of down time without your company.  Give them some music to listen to, something to eat, games to play or a photo booth to have fun with.

Of course, if you have lined up entertainment or food during your absence, make sure you’ve got someone who’s good at getting things started to lead the way and get the guests involved.

Keep your suppliers well fed

You will also have sorted out refreshments for your suppliers, work out where they will go to eat.  For instance, even if you consider your photographer to be a friend, it may not be appropriate to have them sit at a table with your guests since they’re going to be jumping up and down to take photos, leaving a space next to another guest. Not a problem if you have a buffet type meal, but if it’s a sit down affair and especially if the food is hot, you will need to include them in the head count for food.


The other thing to remember is that things don’t magically appear.  Think about how everything is going to get to where it needs to be, if flowers need to be moved from your ceremony space to reception space is there someone who can move them? 

The logistics of getting your wedding party from home, to ceremony, to reception is really important, so work out how you're going to A to B, who’s going in what car (make sure you tell the drivers) or who can walk or needs a bit of help.


Who is responsible for the timings or music at your wedding service?

Does the venue play your CD, who cues the organist, when do you want the live music, is someone making sure your background playlist at the reception is ready to go?


Do you want to keep your wedding running to time or are you more relaxed?  

No matter how relaxed you are, your chef be aiming to have the food ready on time.  If you’re having a hot and/or plated meal, be fair to the kitchen and make sure you aren’t running massively late or far too early!  

Detail someone to keep an eye on the time and brief the chef, or entertainers if time is running away.  Don’t even begin to think it will be you!

Me time

Finally, and I’ve said this before because it’s so very important, make sure you ‘schedule’ in some time alone together.  Five minutes is all you need - you’ll be glad you found the time!

Thanks again Claire for helping us to understand these less glamorous, though MOST important plans for a stress free wedding day.

If you would like to talk to Claire de la Motte about your wedding and get her help with part, or all of your wedding planning then get in touch by emailing and she will get back to you.

Published: 10-06-2016

Published By: Rosie Ames


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