JEWELLERY: How to make a leap year proposal and choosing an ethical engagement ring

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JEWELLERY:  How to make a leap year proposal and choosing an ethical engagement ring


You’ve decided to propose to your boyfriend this leap year, but you’re struggling to come up with romantic ideas ...

Your boyfriend’s just realised that 2016 is a leap year and he’s started daring you to pop the question on 29 February - you sort of know he’s not really expecting you to do it, but why shouldn't you be the one to ask for his hand in marriage?  After all, it is a leap year and traditionally 29th February is the one day of the year , every four years, when a girl can propose to her beaus ... Go girl!

The world of proposals is the one area of life that women have had it easy, because believe me, the pressure of planning, not only a romantic, but delivering a meaningful proposal is incredibly nerve-wracking! Give it a go and you’ll never again scoff at stories of marriage offers made in the cheesiest of ways.  

David cleverly proposed to me on an African beach and gave me a beautiful beaded Zulu marriage veil instead of a ring - quite unique I think, but then he is the creative one!

How could I refuse?

Of course the question (other than 'Will you marry me?') is: when you the girl proposes, should you do it differently?

Well, I think it all depends on who you and your other half are, and what floats your boat.  You should go with your heart, and if you know your partner as well as you should by the time you propose, then it will come naturally … surely.

And once you’ve proposed and he’s said ‘yes’ there’s the knotty question of ‘the ring’.

Well, because of who you are, I know it will be an ethical engagement ring and in Fairtrade gold (if you’re going for gold).  So I’ve put together a round up of some fabulous rings to choose from once you’ve got the big question out of the way and he did say ‘yes’.


Of course he will!

All the jewellers featured here are approved Green Union partners with exceptional ethical credentials and feature in Green Union's wedding directory.

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Published: 04-02-2016

Published By: Rosie Ames


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