Eco friendly trees

The Christmas tree is synonymous with the festive season and a Christmas wedding wouldn't be the same without at least one tree. Unsure whether to go artificial or real? Here are the facts:

Although artificial trees last longer, they are not biodegradable and, as such, they will languish in landfill sites long after you have discarded them. Most artificial trees sold in the UK come from Taiwan and China so also incur additional CO2 emissions associated with transportation, never mind the possible question of labour relations and fair trade.

Real Christmas trees not only smell divine - they are carbon neutral too - absorbing as much carbon dioxide as they will give off when they are burned or left to decompose. Even better, if you choose trees with roots, they can be planted in your garden or a suitable site afterwards and used year after year. The British Christmas Tree Growers Association has a list of producers nationwide so you can source your green trees locally for your earth friendly Christmas wedding.

And if you're using cut trees don't forget to arrange to have them taken to a green waste centre after the wedding, where they can be composted and used to plant more trees for the next season. If you're in London you can get this done by Pines & Needles.

Published: 04-12-2007

Published By: Rosie


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