SUPPLIER FOCUS: Handmade and Totally Natural Wooden Wedding and Engagement Rings

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SUPPLIER FOCUS: Handmade and Totally Natural Wooden Wedding and Engagement Rings


Hey girl you’re getting married - congratulations!

You’re dreaming of a wedding a little less ordinary and you’re not the sort of girl who swoons at the average cookie cutter diamond set in gold, so what is the alternative? 

I’ve got just the thing for you!

I know your wedding day is going to be totally unique and a reflection of you and your other half. Maybe you plan to get wed in a woodland setting or on the beach.  Perhaps you’re planning a festival style glamping weekend or a totally natural wedding in your own back yard.

But to begin with, finding the ring of your dreams that expresses your personality and at the same time is a piece of jewellery that you can wear day in and day out for the rest of your life is probably pretty high on your agenda. 

Had you thought of a wooden ring?

Truly organic, handcrafted wooden rings really do offer an alternative to those run of the mill everyday precious metal rings.  Wood is warm to the touch, incredibly comfortable to wear, and brings you closer to nature while stimulating your senses with its tactile beauty.

I think these beautiful, hand made natural wood wedding and engagement rings are just the business! 

Lovingly crafted by Eco Wood Rings from salvaged and sustainably grown wood, then worked together with recycled or Fairtrade precious metals, wooden rings will really bring out your personality.

And what I love about them is that you can have his and hers rings that are similar but different to reflect your personality and your union.

Eco Wood Rings can work with all sorts of different woods and have been know to create rings from most wooden items you can think of - wood from the old Brighton Pier, the branch of a tree that has particular significance to a happy couple (maybe he popped the question while picnicking under that very tree!), cricket bats and old chunks of oak to name but a few…

They can create something truly unique just for you and will use anything from sand and pebbles collected on your favourite beach, sea glass, guitar strings or even gold shavings from your grandfather’s wedding band, as inlays.   An ethical diamond, a moissanite stone or perhaps an inscription burnt onto the inside of the band will personalise your ring even further.

Whether you’re looking for an ethical engagement ring or an eco-friendly wedding ring, Eco Wood rings can offer you a natural wedding ring from their standard range or work on a totally unique design that captures the spirit and warmth of your relationship in a wood that binds you together.

So if you're looking for those little less ordinary wedding and engagement  rings, here's the answer!

Find out more about Eco Wood Rings by going to their website.

Published: 04-12-2015

Published By: Rosie Ames


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