It's our birthday!

It's our first birthday this week and we just can't help ourselves. We're going to send some wishes into the sky and pat ourselves on the back...

It looks FANTASTIC!!!! Wendy

I just came across your website and I love it!
I think you have a fantastic idea and you have done a beautiful job putting it together! Reesa

Thank you for your website! You are one of the few pioneers in the field (listed on the web), and I deeply admire the work that you're doing! Thanks for inspiring people like me to continue the message and promote sustainable events. Megan

I would like to tell you how much I like your website. Stephanie

It is really nice to see that you have got so many people together who do environmentally friendly things to make the wedding green. I found our wedding venue using your site, we will use this site again, to find more suppliers. Vineeta

Hi Green Union-ers! I just wanted to send a quick note to say congratulations on your great website - it's very cute and easy to use! Kristin

Your site is fabulous! It is so stylishly done - it's so vital that people get beyond the crunchy image of eco concerns! Miranda

Published: 29-11-2007

Published By: Rosie


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