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INSPIRATION: Drift Jewellery in new design book

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INSPIRATION: Drift Jewellery in new design book


I love it when the businesses that we champion for their efforts at sustainability are recognised for their hard work and committment.  So today I'm delighted to tell you that one of our handpicked partners, Drift Jewellery has been included in a new book just out all about sustainable design ...

The Sustainable Design Book by Rebecca Proctor updates us on the latest products and developments in the field of "green" design, and here at GU HQ we love anything that highlighs lovely products and up to date ideas in a sustainable way.

The friendship bracelet chosen to be featured in the book is handmade by jewellery designer Fiona Petheram, using sea glass found along the coastlines of Suffolk, Spain and the Isles of Scilly, combined with precious metal discs and silk threads.  Each piece of glass was carefully selected by Fiona, lightly polished, then drilled by hand before being worked into the bracelet and the design takes its lead from the varied sizes and sculptural shapes of the individual pieces of glass.  A perfect gift for your maids or little flower girls on your wedding day.

You can see from her work, that Fiona delights in the range of colours found in sea glass, from the luminous whites, greens and blues that reflect the sea, through to the rarer colours of purple and pink that could have once been a precious perfume or medicine bottle.  

What I love is, whatever the age and origin, the sea glass Fiona uses probably began its journey from something that was once discarded, possibly hundreds of years ago, or maybe just last summer and Fiona is upcycling it into something truly beautiful, a perfect piece of natural wedding jewellery to adorn the bride, or to give as thank-you gifts to your wedding party.

For more information on her jewellery please go to Fiona's website or email

Published: 27-04-2015

Published By: Rosie Ames


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