JEWELLERY: Tying the Knot by Cred Jewellery

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JEWELLERY: Tying the Knot by Cred Jewellery


Have you come across this lovely little collection of knot jewellery by Cred?

Well, its divine and, more importantly, affordable. This silver and rose gold, looped and entwined jewellery is inspired by the saying ‘tying the knot’ - what a brilliant idea the folks at Cred Jewellery have come up with!

The romantic notion of love entwined and inseparable, reflecting the essence of relationship, is a lovely one and very much what I bang on about here at Green Union, so I think this is a great little collection of knots to pledge one’s troth.  

There’s the diamond lanyard knot, the celtic knot and the figure of 8 knot, all worked in silver and rose gold into bangles, earrings, rings and pendants.  Cred tells me it’s the first collection that has been entirely made in Peru from Peruvian Fairtrade Silver - mined in the Andes mountains, then taken to the capital, Lima, where the jewellery is created.

The jewellery is very affordable and I think one of these lovely pieces could make a perfect Valentine gift…

Cred Jewellery is one of our handpicked partners and features in Green Union’s wedding directory.  They adhere to a strict code of practice and one of the pioneers of Fairtrade jewellery, leading the way in a transparent ethical supply chain whilst offering beautifully designed jewellery collections including wedding and engagement rings.

Go to their website for more information about theie Tying the Knot Collection or if you would like to find out more about their other collections and ethics.


Published: 30-01-2015

Published By: Rosie Ames


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