TENTS: Fabulous Sperry Tents by Papakata

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TENTS: Fabulous Sperry Tents by Papakata


Remember way back earlier in year I blogged that the lovely people at PapaKåta were now supplying the amazing Sperry Tents, from New England in the USA, to couples looking for something a little bit different in the way of a canvas wedding venue?

They just sent me images of the very first English wedding to be thrown in these fabulous canvas and wood structures with a New England flair.

Check out the wooden support poles, which are made from sustainable timber, and the side flaps that open right up to give guests a beautifully airy room with a view.

Love these tents!

Images: Paper Antler

Published: 20-08-2014

Published By: Rosie Ames


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