BRITISH FLOWERS WEEK: Gloriously British flowering foliage

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Did you think foliage was uninteresting and only used by florists to bulk out your expensive bouquet? Well I say think again because choosing foliage carefully will go a long way to reflect the seasons in your wedding flowers, create impact, add texture and movement, and last the whole day through. Just look at this array of foliage on display and New Covent Garden Market.

And you'll see why when you look at these amazing creations using British flowering foliage by florists Euphoric Flowers for British Flowers Week. An adorable heart of cotinus, stachys byzantina, lavender, philadelphus, golden privet, poppy seed heads, buxus and the leaves of geranium, oak and heuchera is steeped in romance.

Greenery is never just green, but ranges from silver-grey or yellow to deep reds and browns depending on the seasons and when it's in flower, like lilac, jasmine or cherry blossom, it just gets better! Glorious branches of British oak, eucaluptus, philadelphus, cotinus, flowering privet, aruncus and physocarpus cascade from a moss lined vase.

And this seasonal bunch created entirely from British flowering foliage proves there's more to the colour 'green' in 'greenery'. Purple cotinus, silver stachys byzantine, golden privet, white flowering philadelphus, lime green ribes supplemented by white sweet peas and the blue of lavender - a bridal bouquet packed full of texture and colour.

You can read the whole story and see more images over on the New Covent Garden Market blog.

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Download the New Convent Garden British Flower Chart here. It gives honorary status to British flowering foliage! Use the chart for reference when planning your own seasonal wedding flowers.

Images: New Covent Garden Market for British Flowers Week


Published: 19-06-2014

Published By: Rosie


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