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Who, do you ask, is Little Cherry?

Green is the new black. The evidence is everywhere from new technology to the vintage trend phenomenon. Reusing, recycling and upcycling are seen as standard and the planet’s wellbeing is at the forefront of everybody’s mind. Little Cherry is proud to have spotted the green revolution way back in its early days before becoming one of the nation’s top eco-friendly party suppliers. The idea of green living (and green partying) is something very close to Little Cherry’s heart, as is the small-change big-difference philosophy that has taken over in recent years.

Based in Surrey, south east England and in business since 2007 Little Cherry is under the care and supervision of experienced businesswoman and green enthusiast Sandra Adar. The party supply company sources its products from all over the globe, running operations like palm leaf plate production in India as a matter of course. Supplying party and wedding supplies UK wide, Little Cherry is already a key player at home and away - with its sights set on further growth still!

This intended growth will be welcome news for those of you who, like Little Cherry, understand that what is good for the planet is good for its people. This simple hypothesis is the driving force behind the company’s continual efforts to source and supply the best, green products for magical white weddings and it is something they do exceptionally well. Their wonderful selection of ethically sourced, top quality party supplies demonstrates how they are ever-conscious about providing the best service to its customers and the best quality of life to its staff and suppliers. Similarly, Little Cherry’s commitment to keeping production close to the source of raw materials, as well as their commitment to ensure all manufacturing and transportation is low in emissions and cost sets them apart from other wedding supply companies. Owner Sandra Adar has described the company as "Å“the perfect storm", referring to how it helps the contemporary lifestyle and green philosophy work in perfect harmony to help both people and the planet.

In short, Little Cherry is a little company making a big difference by showing the world that every party - even one as special as a wedding - can be a planet-friendly one!

Published: 24-03-2014

Published By: Rosie


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