Top green wedding trends for 2014/15 - five of the best

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I now you’ll think we just conjured this one up because we’re Green Union, but seriously, although green weddings originally grew out of ethical and political reasons, a naturally green wedding theme is now one of the hottest mainstream wedding trends around. The relaxed rustic, country, festival affair is not only eco friendly, but totally chic too.
Throw your wedding in the woods or under canvas, choosing a totally green venue such as fforest (naturally beautiful) or the London Wetland Centre (a worthy cause) will give you stunning backdrops to your wedding photos.
Source locally grown food and British flowers. Keep your wedding ceremony and reception all in one place to save on transport. Choose a beautifully designed and ethically made wedding gown with vintage shoes. Decorate with naturally found materials and bring on the festival vibe.

A handfasting is a beautiful Pagan custom, dating back to the time of the ancient Celts. After the bride and groom declare their intent to enter into a union with one another, their hands are clasped and fastened together with a ribbon or cord just before, just after, or during their vows are made to one another. The wrapping of the cord forms an infinity symbol and the handfasting knot is a symbolic representation of oneness between the couple. In a show of unity, they become bound to each other.
The symbolic and very personal handfasting ceremony can be performed anywhere (though you will still need to be legally married by a registrar as well). Make a woodland wedding that little bit extra special and perform your handfasting ceremony under an ancient oak tree or choose a spot in a stone circle on top of the moors for dramatic effect.
Create a joyful and abundant theme with colourful ribbons and Celtic symbolism. A barbeque and a bonfire with unplugged music will really get your guests in the festival mood.

Quirky weddings have evolved into the most stylish events. Subtle details will create individual quirkyness while you braver brides could go wild with an unusual theme that reflects your personal style - rock and roll 50’s is still deeply trendy while the roaring 20’s is enjoying a renaissance thanks to The Great Gatsby.
Anywhere really, that is slightly out of the ordinary, can give a certain ‘je ne sais quois‘ to your individual wedding. A village hall all decked out in your quirky dream-time, a city restaurant or a pumphouse in the middle of nowhere will all lend brilliant backdrops to quirky themes. Keep your day small and intimate - it’s terribly trendy.
Transport your guests in a vintage bus or get to the ceremony on a tandem. Deck yourself out in classic 20’s and find a swing band to help you dance the night away.

Drama lends itself to weddings and if you’re the sort of person who loves to make a bold statement, then dramatic spaces and out of the ordinary details are a must.
If you plan to marry in church then dramatic ecclesiastical spaces are tops, a railway station or a botanical garden will give you city chic drama while the edge of a seaside cliff or the craggy Peak District offer wide open drama.
Let the space lend the drama, embrace it and the day will be yours.

Romantic reigns sublime and never goes out of fashion, so with the hot fashion trend for florals everywhere, weddings will be hugely influenced by blowsy roses and faded florals. Classic or contemporary, flowing frocks and roses still make the heart beat faster. Bring romantic bang up to date with retro touches and modern flourishes.
A candle lit crypt, a country house with rose gardens and parkland, a romantic fin de siecle hotel with high ceilings and grand pillars, or a Lakeside venue with rolling parkland will all hit the spot. Or throw your romantic wedding in your own back yard - it will be intimate and friendly.
British garden flowers for abundant colour and scent, roses are a must in high summer. Flower crowns are huge - design a beautiful one for your hair. Include your dog as your ring bearer and make sure you have lots of lovely flower girls to skip down the aisle strewing rose petals in your way...

Whatever you decide ...
Never loose track of why you’re tying the knot.

Published: 08-01-2014

Published By: Rosie


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