National Tree Week

To mark National Tree Week, which starts tomorrow, and sticking to our tree theme,I thought it would be good to discuss stationery, one of the little details that, if multiplied by the number of weddings that will be held in 2008, (around 300,000 in the UK and close to 3 million in the US alone) can cause quite an impact on the environment.

Paper consumption could be considered one of the biggest environmental issues where weddings are concerned: Save the dates, invites, maps, place cards, party invites, orders of service, menus, thank you's and so on.

Emily at Eco Chic Weddings reckons that weddings could use up the equivalent of 500,000 trees a year or an area 11 times the size of Manhattan - I'd love to know where she got that stat!

Anyway, my plea to every green couple is to think twice about how you use your paper, at the least choose FSB certified, recycled paper or paper derived from another source like ellie poo or sheep poo (yes it really does exist!), make your own and embed seeds in it or go paperless and use the internet for all your web savvy guests.

If you're not the creative type then we have some wonderfully talented earth friendly partners whose stationery will make every heart sing.

Published: 20-11-2007

Published By: Rosie


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