Owl prowls and badger watching excursions launched at Folly Farm

We're delighted to tell you today that wonderful award winning wedding venue, Folly Farm, has launched a new range of free wildlife excursions for wedding guests, from owl prowls to nighttime badger watching expeditions.

Director, Andrew Lund-Yates, told us: "Å“Located at the heart of a stunning 250-acre reserve of wildflower meadows and ancient woodland, Folly Farm is surrounded by the wonders of nature.

And one of the main reasons couples are attracted to this special place is the romantic beauty of the environment, from its bird life and ancient gnarled oak trees to the dreamlike vistas over towards Chew Valley Lake.

Wedding guests are often keen to learn more about this incredible landscape and its biodiversity, so now we’re offering wildlife excursions guided by experts from Avon Wildlife Trust - everything from bat and bird spotting to owl prowls and badger watching."

Published: 31-10-2013

Published By: Rosie


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