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Inspirational food hero and ethical chef Tom Hunt of Tom's Feast joined Green Union recently and we are excited to let you in on the secret...

Tom is so passionate about his food and the wedding catering service they provide, that we thought it would be best to let him tell you about it in his own words:

"I sincerely enjoy every minute of a wedding. First the planning, with animated and creative discussions about the banquets we can create, then working together to find a location, and finally the big day itself. Delivering fresh ethical food at such a merry celebration is massively rewarding.

There’s nothing we like better than cooking huge communal feasts, of celebration, with abundant vibrant dishes that are great shared between loved ones. We like to bring an alfresco french wedding feel to the food, keeping it rustic and packed with flavour.

I really love cooking outside and if possible with fire! I have a beautiful wood oven and chargrill that we bring along to all our do’s. It allows us to make really special dishes like authentic porchetta, wood roasted sea bass with fennel and stone baked breads.

Our green wedding credentials: We care about the environmental impact of our work. We pride ourselves on sourcing our food ethically - all our ingredients are seasonal without question and we prioritise buying local, organic ingredients from sources we trust.

"œhow do you feed 270 people michelin-starred food in the middle of the wilderness? you call Tom and his team" - James Whewell, Organiser Wilderness festival.

For more information check out Tom's website and blog.

Oh, and Tom's Feast was featured last year in one of our Natural Nuptials blog posts.

Published: 08-07-2013

Published By: Rosie


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