Trees of Tomorrow - in the Seeds of Today

Now that the leaves have been blown away by November’s storms, we are blessed with the beauty of the trees’ winter silhouettes. The gradually multiplying branches reaching skyward against a dwindling light is a poignant symbol of longevity and growth and all that is to come.

It was with this thought that Trees of Tomorrow, who supply little seedling wedding favours, was born. So we asked Margaret Fox to tell us a little more about her seedling company, now into its second year of providing these enchanting favours to couples wanting a more meaningful gift for their guests which, like their marriage, is all about the future. Over to you Margaret:

"Å“We firmly believe that our Wedding Seedling Favours are the greenest gift there is and we focus exclusively on British native species:

Oak, of course, is a firm favourite being symbolic of strength and an essential feature of our British landscape, supporting thousands of other species as it grows and develops. The slender, graceful Silver Birch, whose little heart shaped leaves make it an obvious choice, is also very popular. Folklore tells us that babies’ cradles were made of birch due to its purifying qualities! One couple chose crab apple seedlings as the groom had proposed to the bride in an orchard!

There are also some species specially suited to winter weddings. The courageous Holly revels in winter while anticipating the spring; the Blue Spruce, whose evergreen needles appear in pairs symbolizing permanence in love, is ideally suited to Christmas weddings. Or, if you’d rather avoid a conifer, there is the brave Holm Oak, whose evergreen leaves, something between an oak and a holly, are very beautiful. So, whether you are guided in your choice by the traditional language of trees or choose a species with a special personal relevance, a unique wedding tree favour is guaranteed.

Published: 04-12-2012

Published By: Rosie


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