A country wedding, naturally...

We haven't had a natural wedding to tell you about for a while now, so it's great to have Georgina and Craig tell their own green wedding story. The wedding was last summer 2012 and this couple were not only blessed with their strong and wonderful group of family and friends, but also that rare thing for 2012 - a hot summer weekend! Over to you George:

The Proposal….
We spent a romantic weekend in London with 'the ring' burning a hole in Craig's pocket all weekend as he unsuccessfully tried to choose somewhere suitable to propose. After an awful train journey home we decided to set off some Chinese lanterns in the back garden as it was the 5th November and there were fireworks going off everywhere. I was holding a burning lantern above my head when Craig said we should make a wish, I looked down and there he was on one knee saying 'I wish you'd marry me'. I nearly set my hair on fire, let the lantern go and screamed 'Hell yes!' and hugged him.

The Vision for the day….
The vision for the day was to have something very relaxed, something very chilled and very us meaning lots of green stuff, fresh air and (fingers crossed) sunshine.

The Planning process….
The planning process was incredibly hectic, Craig was working away and although we had a vision of what we wanted it was difficult to work out how we were going to pull it together. We had plenty of help from other people, though, and got there in the end. The biggest thing that we faced was that most of the preparation had to be done in the week running up to the wedding so it was all a bit crazy! We had lists and lists everywhere and had to sit down once a week to work out where each of us was ... all so worth it in the end though.

We didn't give ourselves a specific budget but knew what limit we didn't want to hit. We actually haven't worked out how much the wedding cost us in the end as we don't really want to know.. :D

Published: 29-11-2012

Published By: Rosie


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