Giant tipis now in Scotland!

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At last couples getting married in Scotland, and hankering after something a bit more exciting than the cookie cutter white plastic marquee, can now hire these amazing giant tipis for their weddings.

This is what the people at Highland Tipis have to say about their tents:

Our tipis are based on the homes of the Sami tribe, who roam the chilly reaches of northern Scandinavia. The Sami people make their cone-shaped homes from a frame of native, wooden poles covered with reindeer hides from their flock. At the heart of their home is a warm and welcoming log fire.

Come rain or shine, our highland tipis will adapt to make a spectacular setting; the frame is covered by a waterproof, fire-resistant, tan-coloured canvas - much more practical than reindeer skins! Authentic reindeer skins can be added as warm, comfy bench covers or luxurious rugs, the tipis can be joined together virtually indefinitely, to hold events of almost any size, they compliment a wide range of environments and bare or dressed up, we think they look gorgeous.

Highland tipis are fantastic for summer celebrations, because they allow guests to enjoy the outdoor location, whilst undercover. They can have one, some or all of their sides raised to reveal stunning views of your chosen venue, can therefore provide an open-air feel, letting in summer warmth, natural light and gentle breezes, provide a focal point to unite guests while allowing them to spread out freely, will shelter guests (and BBQ's and evening fires!) from unexpected showers, are perfect for summer themes such as country cottage weddings and traditional afternoon teas.

Highland tipis look and feel incredible in winter.
They can have an open log fire as a dynamic centrepiece, look stunning lit up against the night sky, feel
magical filled with twinkling lights and flickering flames, create a cosy haven and gather all your guests together in celebration to inspire an exhilarating atmosphere.

If you want to find out more about hiring a Highland Tipi then check out their website or phone 07564 326 660

Published: 27-07-2011

Published By: Rosie


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