World Inspired tree campaign

The fabulous tent company World Inspired Tents tells us that they have been working on a little idea for a while. It's an idea that Ed and Donna, founders of World Inspired have been determined to make happen since they started the company four years ago, but the seasons got busy, tents needed pitching and their little idea remained a seed for some time.

They've always told us that being green is very important to the company and they try as hard as they can to recycle all of their waste, to reduce fuel consumption, to use eco friendly materials where they can and last year they joined 1% for the planet.

Now the seed has grown into a sapling and, over a month ago, lots of little trees arrived at Ed and Donna’s home. They’ve planted them in the back garden and they're nurturing them carefully in preparation for giving them to everyone who books their tents this year.

The little saplings will arrive wrapped in hessian, with a string tie and a cool little personalised card hanging off them.

The season has started and they’ve already given out a handful of trees. They tell us that the response has been fantastic and just confirms why they’re doing this - to say thank you, to give a beautiful tree to celebrate a special day while also giving a little bit back to the environment.

So go ahead and book a tent, make a tree happy!

By the way if you're curious about the tents and how they are put up, then check out this video over on YouTube.

Published: 07-07-2011

Published By: Rosie


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