Matara's green weddings

There's a wonderfully eco venue in the middle of England called Matara which offers ethical couples heaps of lovely ideas for their weddings and we thought it time that they told us more about the Centre. So here it is, straight from the people in the know. Over to you, Alice:

Matara Weddings - Clothèd all in Green-O

At Matara, we have spent the last 15 years developing our Centre into a place which allows guests to celebrate their wedding very personally, confident that they are making vows in a setting behind which there are ecologically sound principles.

We believe in fresh, local, organic produce. As much as possible of the fruit and vegetables we serve are organic; our meat is sourced from a trusted local butcher. We try as much as possible to serve seasonal produce, cutting down the miles your food travels to ensure it is fresh, with the best possible taste. We are committed to serving fish that has been responsibly sourced and is sustainable, so that we protect future needs for everyone. Wherever possible, we source our butter locally; it tastes better, doesn't travel far, and we are helping the local economy. We offer local cheeses, with milk from local cows.

Published: 05-07-2011

Published By: Rosie


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