Royal green wedding

It's what we'd all hoped and been waiting for - proof that the Royal wedding will, in every sense be a green affair.

News that Westminster Abbey is being decked out with an avenue of 20ft trees (all to be replanted at Highgrove when the celebrations are over), lining the aisle leading to the alter, makes our hearts sing with joy!

Much of the foliage will come from the royal estates and everything is to be English, natural, seasonal, ethical and as organic as possible. The resulting decorations are to be understated and elegant - we love it!

And we know that the wedding flowers will be full of meaning with the language of flowers and symbolism being key.

The trees in the Abbey will be six English field maples, symbolising humility and reserve, and two hornbeams, symbolising resilience. They will be in huge pots made by English craftsmen at Highgrove.

The seasonal flowers being used in the displays include Solomon's seal, brought from Sandringham, which symbolises confirmation of love; azaleas, the Chinese symbol of femininity; lilacs, which represent first love, and blossoms, signifying spiritual beauty. Other blooms being used include rhododendron, euphorbias, beech and wisteria, mostly from Windsor Great Park.

We can't wait to see it all on Friday and sense a huge trend for natural decor in 2012's green weddings.

Published: 27-04-2011

Published By: Rosie


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