Peace of green art

This picture by one of our new wedding photographers Emma Stoner was selected to be displayed on the 'Plinth of Peace' on Parliament Square last month. The photo was captured in the very place where it is displayed - opposite the Houses of Parliament.

Emma said 'The 'Peace of Art' image was taken at a spontaneous protest on the 2nd of July 2010, the date was initially given by the judge as the final date of eviction. After a day of uncertainty and unrest activists from the camp headed to the gates of Parliament with peace-flags, followed closely by a throng of press photographers and journalists. After hanging the flags on the gate, they blockaded the road to demand peace and draw further attention to their cause. This picture captures a joyful moment between a young couple living on the square and the euphoric mood of the protest after a dramatic day. Many of the protesters were arrested later that evening and Simon and Anita (pictured) served short-term prison sentences for their part in the action.'

Not only is Emma a talented wedding photographer but she believes wholeheartedly in putting her talent to good use too. And over the past year she has worked closely with the Greenpeace International picture desk, freelancing as both a picture editor and photographer. Alongside this Emma has completed several self-initiated projects further exploring issues of environmental concern and social interest. Most recently she journeyed to Ladakh, Kashmir, documenting the people affected by the devastating floods that hit this Himalayan region in August 2010.

As you can see Emma's true empathy with her subjects shines through and her photographs tell great stories whether they are about your very special and unique wedding day or about the grittier social issues that beset our planet.

For more information and to contact Emma phone: +447554934750 or Email:

Published: 07-02-2011

Published By: Rosie


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