A green fingered wedding ...

It all started when Leann emailed GU HQ for advice on eco friendly boning for her home made wedding dress! I must say that we usually manage to find answers to most of our visitors' questions, but that stopped us in our tracks. Here, we thought, is a bride who won't be beaten. We discovered that Leann and Matt plan to marry this September and of course we had to ask them if they would share their ethical wedding journey with all our readers. Over to you Leann ...

Brief Overview
The big day is 4th September 2010. Both the ceremony and the reception will be held at Left Bank Leeds, a decommissioned church which is in the early stages of being repaired and resurrected as a community arts centre. We wanted an informal day and, having organised a ceilidh band, a BBQ and plant contest, we have embraced the idea that we are actually organising a village fete instead of a wedding!

Why an ethical wedding?
Over the six years we've lived together we have become gradually more ethically minded (recycling, buying seasonally, reducing our energy use etc.) It seemed a natural progression to organise our wedding in the same way that we want to continue to live.

Our ultimate aims for the day, apart from that everyone should enjoy themselves, is to be able to say that we considered every aspect, from underwear to cutlery, in terms of the most ethical option (even if there is a reason we did not end up doing the most ethical thing).

Published: 13-07-2010

Published By: Rosie


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