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So many wedding venues these days only offer a bridal couple what suits the venue, rather than what you really want. So much so, that sometimes the venue will even insist that you conform to their ideas in order to make their job easier and charge you for the privilege. Some wedding venues even hold more than one wedding on the same day spitting out bridal parties like sausages!

So we're always looking for wedding venues willing to go that extra mile to help you create an extra special day totally tailored to your own dreams. One very special place we know is the Matara Centre and Kingscote Park, a beautiful and tranquil place to hold a unique wedding celebration.

After holding 100’s of weddings they have used their experience to put together and idea of the dream wedding that can be tailored to your own unique celebration.

And the people at Matara know that having the time to relax and enjoy is the secret to a wonderful wedding celebration. Savouring good food, rich conversations and fond memories in a very special place with close family and friends who have come together to celebrate your marriage is important. So with this in mind they offer you the sole use of the Matara Centre and Kingscote Park with accommodation for up to 24 guests for two whole days.

Published: 11-11-2009

Published By: Rosie


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