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Mairead Curtin of Rebel Rebel is on a mission to open our eyes to the bounty and sheer beauty of British seasonal flowers.

She says "If flowers (and more particularly British Flowers in season) are important to you, choose the date of your wedding accordingly. For example right now, for the last six weeks, we have had the most glorious English dahlias and hydrangeas. Brides hoping for peonies on the other hand, would be disappointed and should plan to marry in May." She suggests too that brides should try not to be too rigid with what they hope for because English flowers are at the mercy of the weather.

Now brides hoping to learn more about British flowers, and florists who support British flower growers year round, can meet a whole bunch of them at The National Wedding Show Designer Flower Zone where 12 London florists who use the flower market regularly are all together under the New Covent Garden Flower Market ‘umbrella’.

The majority of florists in the UK never leave their shops and just use Dutch lorries which deliver to them, but that is not the place to get British flowers. British flower growers deliver to the New Covent Garden Flower Market at Vauxhall on Mondays and Thursdays so they're the days to get the freshest English flowers. English foliage comes in to the foliage specialists daily and, at Rebel Rebel, they like to stock as many English flowers and foliage as they possibly can. Some things, like the English Dahlias, are far lovelier than the ones which come from further afield.

Mairead has sent us this inspiring photo and says "I guess the olive tin is the ultimate sustainable wedding flower container. Start hoarding tins, jars and bottles as soon as you know you’re getting married. You can involve all your family and friends in the hunt for good containers - it’s an excuse for them to throw out the gherkins which have been mouldering away in their kitchen cupboard since 1984..."

What: Designer Flower Zone at The National Wedding Show
Where: Earls Court, London
When: Friday 2 October, 12 noon till 7 pm; Saturday 3 October, 10am till 6 pm; Sunday 4 October, 10 am till 4 pm

You can find more committed florists who grow and source British flowers in our Wedding Directory.

Published: 29-09-2009

Published By: Rosie


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