Devon Open Studios

Throughout the next 2 weeks the very best fine artists and skilled craftsmen across the county of Devon will be throwing open their studio doors to the public. The range of work on show is fantastic encompassing painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, textiles, jewellery, collage, works in glass, metal, wood and paper, furniture making, installations and a variety of work utilising new media. Unlike traditional galleries there is no commission on sales and all the money goes directly to the artists themselves.

One of our favourite makers is participating. David Ames makes furniture for you to sit on, eat off, work at, sleep in and dream about. What a brilliant idea for a wedding gift! Go see him in his workshop and commission a unique piece of furniture to mark your green union.

He works with the natural beauty of the timber, an intrinsic part of the design, crafting the wood using a mix of traditional and modern techniques to produce pieces with an organic energy and contemporary feel.

Devon Open Studios is the flagship project of Devon Artist Network and largest event of its kind in the county. It is one of the highlights of Devon's cultural calendar and runs over 16 days each September attracting many thousands of visitors from across the South West and beyond.

The 2009 event runs until September 20 with over 240 artists showing work in 111 venues.

Published: 07-09-2009

Published By: Rosie


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