Vicky & Ads get married!

Our lovely Charity Bride, Vicky, and her beloved, Ads, get married this weekend at Treowan in Monmothshire and we wish them all the luck in the world. We're thinking positive thoughts about the weather but know it won't matter a bit if it rains because of the strength of their relationship and the energy the couple and all their friends are putting into their very special weekend.

Vicky wrote to us a week ago to tell us all: "we'll be buzzing around on the Friday setting up and the wedding's on the Saturday. We're having a roaring twenties wedding and I won't have any bells on my toes (in true green wedding fashion) that's for sure! But I have locally sourced flowers from a friend's garden less than a mile away, and locally sourced food.....second hand rings, carbon offset shop sourced decorations...hand made jewellery and head pieces ... I'm laughing as I'm writing this, he he!"

Have a fabulous day Vicky & Ads!

Published: 12-08-2009

Published By: Rosie


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