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Lately there has been little time to reflect on the wedding planning process - we are in production mode, and with about 6 weeks until the wedding, we are nearing the end of the major To Do's on the list...

After finalizing our menu earlier this month, and with a solid plan in place for decorations, we had only a few final details to work out. One of them included what to do about favors. We knew we didn’t want our guests to leave with something that was less than useful, or worse would be tossed immediately. We also knew we wanted to stay within our budget, so we nixed a few of the options we looked into because they were too expensive.

What we decided on is very "œus", locally produced and within the budget - we made and canned homemade berry jam for all our guests last weekend. We picked the berries at a local (organic) farm, and spent an entire day preparing and canning the jam (realizing how grateful we are to live in a time when canning is optional and fun, not a necessity).

Here's the recipe:

8 cups crushed berries
3 cups sugar
2Tbsp lemon juice

Mix these ingredients in a pan over medium-low heat, bring to a boil slowly, and boil until it starts to thicken (depends on the pectin in the berries how long this will take). As it cools it will continue to thicken too.

Click on this link for the step by step instructions and how to bottle the jam up.

My fiancé will design a label for the jars and we’ll integrate our wedding colors into the display of the favors by putting a swatch of fabric between the lids and metal rings. We are excited to have found something that will definitely be used (and the jars reused) which will give our guests a taste of our new home ... Oregon is known for the myriad berries that thrive here.

Next on the agenda: finalizing the ceremony, which we are putting together ourselves and meeting with our officiant, a close friend.

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Published: 24-07-2009

Published By: Kerry


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