Halcyon honeymoons

Robert and Diane Kirkwood have been married for 17 years and moved to France in 2000. They live in the village of Busserolles, in the Dordogne area of SW France and they opened their first holiday property, the Woodsman's Cabin (then known as 'Covert Cabin') in 2006. Since then, they have constructed their second cottage, Fisherman's Cabin, nearby. Both Cabins are available all year round. We asked Diane to tell us how they came to be the proud owners of two of the most unique honeymoon getaways that we know of. Over to you Diane...

The northernmost part of Dordogne in France is a beautiful forested area with many lakes and it was to here that we came eight years ago, having done the classic Brit thing of falling in love with an old stone farmhouse in need of TLC and buying it without giving much thought to what we'd do when we got here! Soon after our arrival we discovered nearby a leafy overgrown lane where, hidden among the trees was a little lake. Right from the start, it had a sense of calm and of being untouched by the modern world, the woodland was overgrown with brambles like Sleeping Beauty's forest and, (here we go again!), we knew we had to have it! A few enquiries led us to the owner and a deal was struck, and then a few months later we became the proud owners of not only the lake and 6 acres of woodland, but also a rather ugly breezeblock construction with a corrugated roof. To be honest, we thought about demolishing this eyesore, but further inspection revealed it to be solidly built and then, somewhere along the line, the idea of transforming it into a cabin and the perfect honeymoon hideout was born.

Published: 02-07-2009

Published By: Rosie


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