The Purest Jewellery in the World

We're absolutely delighted, this month, to have partnered with CRED, the original fair trade jewellers with a passion for beauty fashioned from fair trade and environmentally responsible materials. It is simply the purest jewellery in the world.

And to give you more of an insight we asked Greg Valerio, founder of CRED, to tell us a bit more about how his company ticks. Over to you Greg ...

Jewellery that leaves an environmental legacy

Buying jewellery is the most personal purchase one ever makes. What you wear speaks to the world of what is intimately valuable to you. It is a timeless purchase that should reflect the values you aspire to; personal expression, freedom of choice, social and environmental well-being and exquisite beauty. CRED is the fair trade jeweller who understands these values as we have been pioneering ethical and environmentally responsible jewellery since 1996. For us the inherent beauty and value of jewellery rests not only in its exquisite design but also in the social and environmental footprint it leaves. This we believe is what beauty is all about and we have found that our customers share these important values.

Published: 01-06-2009

Published By: Rosie


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