Oxfam online: Create your unique eco chic wedding style without leaving home

Oxfam has just launched the first online charity shop, allowing shoppers to browse donated items without leaving their home.

If you'd love to support the charity but can't get to a shop or face the usual fusty shelves you encounter in charity shops then here's the perfect solution. A team of volunteers will be hand picking the best donated items like quality vintage finds, vinyl music, designer jeans, books, knick-knacks, fairtrade jewels and chocolate to place online. New items will be uploaded daily.

So if you're the sort of person who wants to create your own style for your green wedding, then you can collect some wonderful things here. Put together a truly unique theme from their collection of vintage and cool finds. You can purchase one-off donated garments for your wedding or honeymoon outfits, find some musical and literary classics to give away as gifts and purchase fairtrade chocolate and jewellery for favours.

Oxfam director Barbara Stocking said: "This is the one website where customers will know that all their purchases will directly support Oxfam working with people in poverty across the world." And the charity's hoping to have listed 120,000 items on its new site by next spring.

You can even create a wedding list!

Published: 18-09-2007

Published By: Rosie


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