Just rewards

Geodesic domes are changing the shape of wedding reception spaces in the South West. The modular design of individual domes means that up to five tents can be put together to create unique spaces of of up to three thousand square feet. The marquee footprint resembles flower petals or a multi-leafed clover. The unique modular system means that your space can be divided to allow space for your guests, your caterers, entertainers and even a lounge area if you like. All this can be achieved without sacrificing your main party space.

Mike Ford of Geodesum has reaped his reward and, with the luck of a four leaf clover, has scooped the Judges' Choice Prize at the recent West Country Wedding Awards.

This gem of a West Country Company has been experimenting with geodesic dome structures for well over ten years and makes the tents using natural canvas and sustainable wooden pole frames. The floors are made of hand crafted wood and natural coir matting.

These domed tents are a perfect choice for anyone throwing a green wedding reception.

Published: 22-04-2009

Published By: Rosie


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